21 Mai 2024
15:30  - 17:30

Kollegienhaus, room 117

Early feminists in Palestine and Syria, from WW1 to the Nakba

Special lecture by Prof. Salim Tamari In the framework of the seminar A history of Late Modern Palestine: before and beyond the conflict (1840-1948)

A review of early feminist activists in Palestine and Syria from
World War I to the Nakba. These activists include Anbara Salam
who directed refugee work in Beirut and Jerusalem; Kulthum
Odeh, an educational reformist from Nazareth who became
professor of Arabic in Soviet Baku and was imprisoned by Stalin
due to her opposition to the Palestine partition plan in 1947;
Adele Azar, the founder of the Arab Women’s Union in Jaffa; and
Sadhij Nassar, Bahai activist from Haifa and editor of al Karmel al
Jadid in the 1940s.

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