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Consolidator Grant for Dr. Falestin Naïli

Dr. Falestin Naïli, at the present Post-Doc member in the Eccellenza project team Ottoman Afterlife has been awarded by Swiss National Science Foundation a Consolidator Grant for the period 2024-8. Near & Middle Eastern Studies congratulate Dr. Naïli on this outstanding success!

With her project entitled “Futures Interrupted: social pluralism and political imaginaries beyond coloniality and the nation-state”, Dr. Falestin Naïli (University of Basel) aims to renew our perspective on the period between the end of the Ottoman Empire and the beginning of the Age of Nations in the Arab World. The focus on unrealized social and political projects of this period allows us a look at the Arab World beyond coloniality and beyond the prevailing nation-state model and offers a view of alternative articulations of belonging and political community.