Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia

Here are some impressions of the excursion to Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia in June 2018.

Past Field Trips

06 - 19 June 2018: Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia
Country studies, sightseeing and discussions (Interdisciplinary study trip for Islamic Studies scholars, historians, Eastern European Studies)

07 - 16 March 2014: Israel, Palestine
Israel - Between Dream and Nightmare (Interdisciplinary Study Trip for Islamic Studies, Religious Studies, Theology, Jewish Studies)

05 - 18 June 2012: Eastern Turkey
Trabzon, Erzurum, Kars, Van, Midyat, Mardin, Urfa (Study trip for scholars of Islam)

02 - 10 May 2008: Cairo, Egypt
Cairo once and now (Study trip for scholars of Islam)

25 - 30 Nov. 2005: Istanbul, Turkey
Study trip for scholars of Islam

29 May - 6 June 2004: Andalusia, Spain
On the Traces of Islamic Culture in al-Andalus (Study Trip for Islamic Studies and Ibero-Romance Studies)