Opening hours of Maiengasse 51 from 26 April 2021

From next Monday, April 26, Maiengasse 51 will be open again for students. The building is open from 8h - 17h until further notice.

SNSF-project by Sophie Moser

"Kerbela am Bosporus: Aushandlungsprozesse religiöser Identität in schiitischen Gemeinschaften in Istanbul"

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Maiengasse building remains closed until April 25, 2021 > Maiengasse Library offers PickUp-Service

The Seminar for Near and Middle Eastern Studies and the Maiengasse Library will remain closed until at least April 25, 2021. The library offers a pick-up service.

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The Seminar and the Maiengasse Library will be closed until 28 February 2021

The library offers a collection service.

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Protection concept of the Department of Social Sciences

With the ordinance of the Federal Council of 13.01.2021, the measures of the University of Basel were also adjusted as of 18.01.2021

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Artikel von Alexander E. Balistreri: Devrimin Sınırdaki Yankıları: Kars'ın 1917'si

[Widerhalle der Revolution an der Grenze: Das Jahr 1917 in Kars]

Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship for Dr. Aline Schlaepfer

The Swiss National Science Foundation awards three new assistant professorships to the University of Basel. One of them goes to Dr. Aline Schlaepfer from Near and Middle Eastern Studies.