20 – 21 October 2023

States and Statelessness in the Post-Ottoman Middle East


Prof. Dr. Laura Robson

(Oliver-McCourtney Professor of History at Penn State University, USA)


Organized and hosted by Dr. Falestin Naïli, Dr. Alexander E. Balistreri, Prof. Dr. Maurus Reinkowski, Prof. Dr. Aline Schlaepfer


The Annual MUBIT Doctoral Workshop in Late- and Post-Ottoman Studies is a two-day workshop in Basel, Switzerland, designed for international doctoral students conducting research on the Near and Middle East. The workshop consists of a two-day, intensive program in which select students work closely with invited experts. Successful completion of the workshop entitles students to 3 ECTS credits.
This year, we are thrilled to host Prof. Dr. Laura Robson of Penn State University, USA, to lead our 11th annual workshop on the topic of “States and Statelessness in the Post-Ottoman Middle East.” For more information on the content of the workshop, see below. The 2023 workshop will be held in person between 20 October (12:00 p.m.) and 21 October (13:00 p.m.) at the University of Basel.

Currently enrolled Ph.D. students who wish to attend the workshop should write an email to Falestin Naïli (falestin.naili@clutterunibas.ch) and Alexander Balistreri (alexander.balistreri@clutterunibas.ch), with a short text summarizing their academic background and explaining how this workshop fits in to their research interests (max. 400 words, in third-person singular, in English). Applicants should also provide a CV (PDF, in English). Up to 15 applicants will be selected for participation in the workshop, based on relevance of their research project and a demonstrated ability to contribute constructively to the discussions.

The deadline for applications is 1 September 2023. Applicants will receive an answer regarding their participation by 8 September 2022, at the latest. The workshop is free of charge. Unfortunately, funding for travel and lodging is currently unavailable. We will provide successful applicants with information about more affordable accommodation in Basel.
Requirements for Successful Participation
Participants are entitled to 3 ECTS points for successful participation. Participants will receive by mid-September a list of readings to be completed prior to the workshop. Successful participation at the workshop is subject to the mandatory completion of the required readings in advance and active participation in the workshop discussions.

Al-Amʿari Palestinian refugee camp in Ramallah, 1950. Photographer: Willem van de Poll

Al-Amʿari Palestinian refugee camp in Ramallah, 1950. Photographer: Willem van de Poll

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