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Jerusalem's Interrupted Futures: Part I

FALESTIN NAÏLI was among other guests in a podcast and talked about her research focus on Interrupted Futures, using Jerusalem as an example

In this first episode dedicated to the publication of Jerusalem Quarterly 92 "Jerusalem's Interrupted Futures" the guest editor Falestin Naili and several authors including Yair Wallach, Michelle Campos, Maria Chiara Rioli, Harris Ford and Semih Gokatalay talk about the unfilled plans for Jerusalem. The authors take hold of threads of unfinished schemes conceived just before or during important moments of rupture: the end of the Ottoman Empire (Campos), the termination of the British Mandate (Wallach and Cirujano; Ford; Gökatalay; and Pappé), the abrupt close of the Jordanian administration of Jerusalem (Lemire and Rioli; and Dukhgan and Naïli). The plans and projects discussed were the result of governmental initiatives at various levels. Some plans, such as the British Mandate scheme to build a parliamentary building in the city, point to the vivid contradictions of the colonial political structure. By contrast, it is important to remember that in the case of the Ottoman and the Jordanian administrations of the city, Palestinians were key political actors on the local level, something that was less the case during the Mandate period. 

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