/ stratos, Gregorio Aostalli

Mediazione e strategia: la politica di Erdoğan e il ruolo turco nel conflitto ucraino

GREGORIO AOSTALLIS Artikel im stratos (militärwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Schweizer Armee)

As the only NATO member maintaining active relations with Russia, Türkiye is apparently intent on pursuing an independent political line. Although still viewed with suspicion, the «balancing act» between Moscow and the West is proving successful, highlighting Ankara’s diplomatic role in the matters concerning the conflict in Ukraine. President Erdoğan, presenting himself as a champion of peace, seems also intentioned to exploit the international prestige and the power vacuum in the Middle East left by the American withdrawal, aiming to assume the role of regional leader and guarantor of stability. Through a geopolitical analysis, this article defines Türkiye's relevance in the Ukrainian crisis and Erdoğan’s multifaceted and hybrid political strategy, which reflects the country’s centuries-long position, hovering between East and West.

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